Monday, December 20, 2010

Bookshelf Update

I think it's time to admit defeat for 2010.  I didn't even read a whole shelf of books from my bookshelves.  I managed to get a little over half a shelf done though.  :) 
It's the stinking library...and book blogs...and recommendations from friends...and book club books in a series that I then have to finish the whole series...and needing some information in particular areas. 
This just means I already have a New Year's Resolution for 2011.  To read through (and clean out) my bookshelves - keeping only those I love and blogging along the way.
Thanks for joining me so far on the journey.  Stick with me as I continue reading through the pages and bookmarking my life.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Aprons on a Clothesline - Traci DePree

The third book in the Lake Emily Series.

The focus of this story seems to be more on Virginia although there was definitely a lot of information about the other characters as well. Virginia has a stroke at the beginning of the book (not a spoiler because the back of the book says she has one before you even read the first page). Because of this, she struggles with her faith and who she is and her continued place in the world. I could relate with her some and appreciate the character who came alongside her to help her have hope and see the good in it all. None of us walk this road along.

I think I enjoyed this book most of all. I don’t know if it’s because I have become somewhat attached to the characters. Or because the book didn’t have as many crises in it…but I enjoyed it.

Although I did still have issues with some of the time frames/jumps.

Ms. DePree did seem to leave herself openings to write a fourth book in the series. What happened with the crops and the money due? Does Jessie find a new normal again? Will David really stay? Does Frank ever get part of the farm?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dandelions in a Jelly Jar - Traci DePree

The second book in Traci DePree’s Lake Emily series.

Dandelions in a Jelly Jar focuses more on Trudy, Mae Morgan’s sister, although we still get glimpses into the lives of other characters introduced in A Can of Peas. Trudy decides to move to Lake Emily to be closer to her boyfriend, Bert. However, things don’t go as smoothly as she hoped. Trudy has to face some harsh realities about herself as she works toward the future she wants.

I enjoyed this book. Again, it was an easy read with a pleasant story. Not spectacular but a good escape.

I did have the same issue I had with the first book: time. Sometimes the reader gets moment-by-moment details and then, all of a sudden, you’re days or weeks in the future. Also, some of the timing didn’t make sense.

Still, I would recommend it.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Original Intent - David Barton

This book takes an intense look at the First Amendment, the courts, and the intent of the founding fathers. David Barton goes directly to the source of both the Constitution (which does not ever state “separation of church and state”) and the founding fathers’ writings and quotes. He also sites many court rulings throughout history that have both supported the “original intent” as indicated in the wording of the constitution and the founding fathers own words and have reshaped and revised the intent of the first amendment.

While the text was hard to push through at times, with all the citations and legalize, I found the reading to be interesting. I was challenged to reexamine some of the things I believed when it comes to religion and the government.

I do have one very large issue with the book. It continued to reference “Chapter 18” and the “Appendix” for further information on given topics. However, the copy I read only went to Chapter 11 and had no Appendix. So I feel like I am missing good chunks of knowledge and information that I would like to have been able to read.

Even with that, though, it was worth the read.

The Quiet Little Woman - Louisa May Alcott

This book is actually composed of several short stories Louisa May Alcott sent to a family of girls. The girls were inspired by the March sisters’ literary society and paper written about in Little Women. When they wrote to Ms. Alcott to share their admiration, she wrote them back.

The short stories carry Christmas as a theme and are quick reads. They are well-written little tales of charity and kind hearts.

Her Daughter's Dream - Francine Rivers

This book is the sequel to Her Mother’s Hope and is definitely worth the time to read (it’s thick but fairly quick).

This book starts with a focus on Carolyn and Hildemara more and follows the generations down through Dawn and her daughter. It is a compelling tale of family dynamics, misunderstood intentions, lives and relationships redeemed.

I enjoyed how Francine Rivers wrapped it all up with a return to Europe to see where the family story began and a reconnection with Rosie’s family...

Okay, so really I bawled my eyes out for the conclusion.  :)