Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sink Reflections - Marla Cilley

I (sort of) have been following the Fly Lady system for a few years now. And it works when I follow it. My house is more in order, and I don’t have to do marathon cleaning sessions. It even works when I only sort of follow it because I do think I might be one of those “born organized” people…at least a little bit.

This book is kind of a compilation of her Fly Lady system and emails all in one book. It was kind of interesting reading them all at once and getting reminders about things I could do to make things a little smoother around here. And a huge reminder that I can’t change those I live with and if I want to live in order instead of CHAOS, it’s up to me.

You can read the book…or you can just sign up for the email system. It’s free. I recommend it. And if you’re starting from a really low place, the email group might be less overwhelming. Baby steps.

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  1. Sounds like what Elizabeth needs. She has a very hard compartmentalizing tasks. So before she knows it, she's trying to clean the entire house in a day & kills herself (and doesn't get near as much as she wants done) & doesn't want to mess with it for the next month. I may grab this for her.