Sunday, January 23, 2011

One Season of Sunshine - Julia London

Jane Aaron was adopted as an infant. Now she is thirty and has spent a few years teaching second grade in Houston and is experiencing writer’s block regarding her master’s thesis. Her boyfriend has just proposed, and she realizes that despite how together her life seems and how much she loves her family, she has a longing to know where she comes from.

To this end, Jane takes a leave of absence from her job and heads to Cedar Springs…the only place she knows to begin her search for her birth family. While in Cedar Springs, Jane takes a job as a nanny for a widower with two children. That seems to progress while she continues to hit roadblocks in her search.

The book was a nice, light read. The story was intriguing, and I enjoyed the characters.

I had two qualms. The first is that there were a few sensual moments. Not really over the top, but more than I’m comfortable with. After reading the book, I read online that Julia London is known for her seriously romance novels. So I would imagine this one was very much toned down for her.

Also, there were a few loose ends. Mainly, did Jane ever finish her thesis?

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