Monday, February 21, 2011

Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks does it again. Another look at tragedy and triumph all wrapped up in a picturesque setting.

Katie shows up in a North Carolina town with no past but hoping to build a new future. There she meets Jo, a grief counselor who becomes a friend, and Alex, a widowed single-father who might be ready to move on as well.

Sparks’s character description of the person from Katie’s past was really quite disturbing. Not in a “have to put the book down” kind of way. But in a “Wow. And there really *are* people in the world who think that way” kind of way. It was completely believable.

Some parts of the plot and turns in the story were a bit too “expected” and convenient for my taste.

However, overall, I still absolutely enjoyed the narrative and the way in which it was told.

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  1. As the story progresses on Katie starts to fall in love with Alex and gets a true friend named Jo. and put down some roots, start a new life and learns how to trust again. But when Katie starts to feel comfortable and relax into her new life with Alex and his kids, someone from her past is searching for her.