Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just Walk Across the Room - Bill Hybels

Summary from B&N: What if you knew that by simply crossing the room and saying hello to someone, you could change that person's forever? Just a few steps to make an eternal difference. It has nothing to do with methods and everything to do with taking a genuine interest in another human being. All you need is a heart that's in tune with the Holy Spirit and a willingness to venture out of your 'Circle of Comfort' and into another person's life. Just Walk Across the Room brings personal evangelism into the twenty-first century.

I picked up this book from the library because in the recent past my church did a sermon series and small groups based on it. I missed some of the sermons due to working with the junior high group and shuttling Jeff to the airport. And I didn’t attend a small group because…well, life is crazy. So I definitely wanted to read the book.

And it did not disappoint. I absolutely believe that you earn your right to speak into people’s lives – whether it’s about faith or choices or whatever. And so evangelism like Pastor Hybels writes about just makes sense. You need to have a relationships. Build a relationship. Care about people. And then listen to the Spirit and follow the leading there.

I will admit, although it makes sense and sounds simple, for a natural introvert like me it is anything but. The fear of rejection keeps me from “walking across the room” and engaging people more often than not. Although it is interesting. I spent a week or so reading the book and finished it up Friday night. Saturday we were going to the birthday party for the daughter of friends. I use the word “friends” loosely. They are Jeff’s friends. I would like them to be mine. But we live an hour apart. So there hasn’t been time to build that sort of relationship. So we’re really more acquaintances.

Anyway, back to the point.

Twice during the party I walked up to someone, introduced myself, and engaged in conversation. I didn’t even think about it. I just did it. This book and its concepts must have been in my subconscious.

Did we have deep, spiritual conversations? No. I don’t think there was anything remotely spiritual about them. But I got out of my “circle of comfort”, walked across a room, and engaged in conversation. That’s huge for me.

Definitely a book worth reading. Practical and encouraging all in one.

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