Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Martyr's Song - Ted Dekker

Synopsis from B&N: Marci is waiting for a miracle. She longs to possess physical beauty that will save her from being a teenage outcast. The miracle that she receives comes in the form of an old woman's story. It leaves her skin untouched, except for tears of joy.

Not my favorite of Dekker’s books. So while I checked out the other three books in the “series”, I will be waiting some to read them. Perhaps I’m just not in a Dekker mood right now.

There are four books in the series. But in the intro to The Martyr’s Song it said they can be read in any order. Ack! My left-brained mind can’t handle that. So during my wait I’ll be sorting out recommendations for which order to read them in.

I disagree with the Barnes and Noble synopsis that this is the story of Marci. To me, it was really more the story of a village in Bosnia told through the vehicle of Marci and her self-derision.

It was hard to read at times. Like all Dekker’s book, it makes you think. Would I be able to have Nadia’s courage? The father’s faith? What would I do if placed in the same situation? You are forced to recognize there is a life beyond this one…which is so much more real than what we experience here and now.

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