Saturday, November 7, 2015

Quick Lit Reviews - October

I’m Not Leaving by Carl Wilkens

This was our book club book for October.  Yes, an odd pick for a book club.  However, one of our members saw him when he came to speak at her school.  When she shared a bit of what he had to say with us (and as we’ve read many a book dealing with the Holocaust genocide), several of us were interested in reading his book. 

And the verdict was it was interesting. It was confusing at times to keep different names and distinctions straight.  Also mind-boggling was to realize this genocide happened in such a short time frame. 

It made for interesting discussion on what we would each do in a similar situation.

3 out of 5 (liked it)

 The Light Between the Oceans by M.L. Stedman

I have been hearing about this book from different sources for at least three years. While I’m thrilled to have finally read it, I’m bummed that we never chose it as a book club book.  Such good fodder for discussion between its pages.

The prologue gripped me right away.  Then I was a bit bogged down with the character building in the first several chapters.  Then the story got rolling again, and I was completely engrossed until the end. 

This is the story of Tom and Isabel and the baby who washed up under their lighthouse.  What a tale it was.  Some parts I saw coming.  But I expected something completely from the end than what Stedman delivered.  I’m okay with that (Again, would be a great discussion.). 

Definitely a recommended read.  My only caution would be the strong trigger topics of miscarriage and child loss. 

4 out of 5 (loved it)

Bringing in Finn:  An Extraordinary Surrogacy Story by Sarah Connell

Definitely extraordinary.  While I did not love the writing style and some of the spirituality was a bit out there for me, it was definitely an interesting read. 

As someone who dealt with infertility, the stories of others who have walked through the same always intrigue me.  Although we never got to the point of IVF or surrogacy.  The idea of a grandmother carrying and delivering her grandchild is amazing to me.  It is awe-inspiring all the crazy things our bodies are capable of. 

2 out of 5 (just okay)

The Fruitcake Murders by Ace Collins

Stay tuned for a post with a full review I wrote for The Christian Manifesto (

Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy

I started this.  The introduction bogged me down, and I gave it up in the first chapter.  I’ll try it again later when my infant and toddler aren’t limiting my sleep to a handful of hours, if that.

Toilet Training in Less than a Day by Nathan H. Azrin and Richard M. Foxx

I have a 26 month old.  I want him to be potty trained so I’ll just have one in diapers instead of two.  This book came highly recommended from a mother of three boys.  It was a quick read for certain.   The process is nicely detailed out.  

However, I don’t think little boy is ready quite yet.  We need to work on the obeying directions and knowing before he starts going parts.  Maybe after the new year when he’s closer to 2.5.  And I’ll visit this book again too.

I’ll decide how many stars out of 5 after I put it to the test.  J

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