Saturday, September 25, 2010

Like Dandelion Dust - Karen Kingsbury

Book club book for September – mainly because the movie is being released across the country over the next three weekends (although not here until Oct.8).

In Like Dandelion Dust Karen tackles the topic of adoption…and what happens when the biological parents decide they want the child back.

Rip Porter was sent to jail for domestic violence right before Wendy, his wife, discovers her pregnancy. To protect her child, she signs adoption papers. When Rip is released and learns of it, Wendy joins with him to regain custody of the little boy that has always lived in her heart.

Jack and Molly Campbell adopted Joey when he was just an infant and have had an idyllic past for years. Life couldn’t be any better. It is perfect. Wonderful. Bliss.

Then they get the news.

A judge has ordered that custody of Joey will revert back to his biological parents, Rip and Wendy.

I enjoyed this book more the first time I read it many years ago than I did this last time. Although I did still enjoy it. Partly, I was reading it in a rush this time. Also, the answers seemed a bit to pat and the conclusion a bit too rushed.

Still, I recommend: Read the book…go watch the movie. Do both.  :)

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