Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Creative Correction - Lisa Whelchel

My sister-in-law actually recommended this book to me when we were discussing parenting.

The copy I read was from the library. However, it is on my “to buy” list. While I got some ideas just through reading it, I would love to have it on the shelf to pull out and look up specific behaviors and corresponding consequences. Or even corresponding Scriptures. Lisa Whelchel does a great job of have Scriptures with most of her corrections (or rewards). And as a parent trying to raise her kiddos to love God and follow Him, I think that is important.

Jeff read it too. Our biggest take-away that we’ve implement so far is the “chore jar.” You know, sometimes there isn’t a consequence that fits the crime. Or there are ongoing infractions of the same rule. That’s when they visit the chore jar to pick a chore to do. These are the chores are bigger than their weekly chores. They are the things that need to be done but we never get around to doing (i.e. cleaning all the baseboard in the house, weeding/winterizing the flower beds). So the girls get to do them.

There is an added benefit to the chore jar. Our girls are both saving up money toward a goal. So we’ve assigned dollar values to each of the chore jar chores. Of course, if they are doing an extra chore as a discipline, they don’t get paid. however, if one of them has some extra time and wants to do an extra chore for extra money, we don’t have to think of one on the spot. They just pull from the jar.

I think this book would be a worthwhile resource for any parent – but especially for those trying to parent from a Godly worldview.

Fascinating Fact: Lisa Whelchel was Blaire on the T.V. show Facts of Life.

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