Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Unlocked - Karen Kingsbury

I was so relieved to read this book. After watching Like Dandelion Dust, I was left a little adrift. The movie was so different from the book that I wondered if I misinterpreted the book. This is back to true Karen Kingsbury.

Unlocked tells the story of two teens with a history one of them doesn’t remember and a link in the past that will help them both and their families.

Holden Harris was a normal little boy until her turned three. Then he began retreating into his own world and was diagnosed as autistic. However, in his autism Holden understands more than most.

Ella has everything going for her when you look from the outside – the guy, the friends, the lead in the school musical. But on the inside, she is empty and alone as her family is disintegrating.

I really enjoyed how Holden and Ella interacted with each other. I liked the portrayal of Holden’s mother – frustrated yet committed to helping her son.

My only qualm with the book was the few times it was mentioned that Holden’s three year old vaccines were the cause of the autism. Those statements are always quickly followed with – well, just maybe. However, based on the research I have read, there is no link between vaccines and autism.

Regardless of that small qualm…the book is great.

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