Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later - Francine Pascal

Synopsis from Now with this striking new adult novel from author and creator Francine Pascal, millions of devoted fans can finally return to the idyllic Sweet Valley, home of the phenomenally successful book series and franchise. Iconic and beloved identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are back and all grown up, dealing with the complicated adult world of love, careers, betrayal, and sisterhood.

So, most in my book club and myself fondly recall reading Sweet Valley High and even Sweet Valley Twin books in our younger days. So I was the guinea pig for reading the “ten years later” update on Sweet Valley that just came out.

And I *hated* it.

I know; hate is a strong word. But so valid in this instance.

The overabundance of cursing and jumping into bed with people and affairs was too much.

I do not like who Elizabeth has become. I understand where she is coming from and that she was hurt seriously. But still…

Jessica was mainly the same. But I hated reading the parts where she was the narrator with all the “so” and “like.” Really? She’s almost 30. Surely some of that “valley girl” would have worked its way out by now.

Yep. I can think of no redeeming qualities to the book.

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