Friday, June 3, 2011

You've Got to Read this Book! - Jack Canfield & Gay Hendricks

Summary from From two acclaimed experts and authors on personal transformation comes a collection of stories from notable people about the books that have been transformational in their lives, and why they've had such an impact.

For me, this book was just okay. I did add 12 books to my “to be read” list (it’s lengthy). But 12 out of 55 isn’t real great odds, in my opinion.

I did not know many of the “notables” who were featured in the book, but that’s okay. There was quite a bit of new age kind of speak in several of those. And some were just plain boring; so I skipped those.

Probably by favorite feature was Gary Heavin, the founder of Curves.  Maybe it helps that I also watched he and his wife on Secret Millionaire.  :)

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