Monday, January 16, 2012

Longing - Karen Kingsbury

Synopsis from B&N:  While Bailey Flanigan wrestles with feelings for Brandon Paul, Cody Coleman's work coaching a small-town football team has brought him and his players national attention. In the midst of the celebration and success, Cody finds himself much closer to a woman who seems to better understand him and his new life. Even so, never does much time go by without Bailey and Cody experiencing deep feelings of longing for each other, longing both for the past and for answers before they can move forward.

Bailey and Cody…the saga continues.  This story took some twists I did not anticipate. 

I was sad for Bailey that her run on Broadway ended…and a little disappointed that she gave up on Broadway so soon.  Brandon still seems a bit too good to be true to me.  But perhaps that’s just my cynical side talking.  And, of course, I’m always rooting for Cody. 

Although this story was really good at revealing some of Cody’s flaws and showing more of his self-actualization.

As always, I enjoyed the glimpses into Baxter family life.  And the dynamic between the characters. 

Waiting for the next one, Loving, to come out in March.  I think I know who Bailey decides on in the end…but I could be wrong.

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