Sunday, January 29, 2012

When Pleasing Others Is Hurting You - Dr. David Hawkins

Synopsis from B&N:  Christians are called to be servants. But people who forfeit their God-given calling and identity in order to please others move from servanthood to codependency. How can they get back on track? Clinical psychologist David Hawkins offers a Christian perspective on healthy relationships and the pitfalls of being a people pleaser

Readers will resonate with the real-life illustrations of people who no longer know what they think, want, or feel. Suggestions for redirecting unhealthy relationships empower readers to rediscover their own value and personal contribution.

This book was so simple yet so profound.  People pleasing is something I have regularly struggled with.  And more recently I find myself swinging between pleasing and doing everything possible not to please.

There are definitely areas in life where I struggle more than others.  This book helped me to pinpoint that and reminded me that boundaries are a good thing – even when others don’t respond in a positive way to them.  However, I can’t enforce my personal boundaries unless I first determine what they are.  And that the boundaries can change during different seasons of life.

Definitely one to read.

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