Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Smart Stepmom - Ron Deal & Laura Petherbridge

Synopsis from B&N:  In today's complicated stepfamily, the stepmom often doesn't know where to turn for help. Let stepfamily expert Ron Deal and experienced stepmom Laura Petherbridge show you how to survive and thrive as a stepmom.

This was an encouraging book to read.  This book gave me hope.  It also gave me something much greater:  the freedom to let go, not try so hard to make everyone play nice, and some measure of peace.
It is full of practical advice and real-life stepmom’s perspectives.  The book addresses “yours,” “mine,” should we have an “ours,” adult stepchildren, and more.  It really does cover the gamut.  Which is nice.
My favorite line:  “…without the father’s support, trying to parent his kids is like – as one stepmother said – ‘Setting your hair on fire and putting it out with a hammer!’”  J
I knew stepmothering would be hard.  It’s well known in the family that I was not the ideal stepchild myself.  However, some of the challenges that have come my way I did not (nor do I think I could have in a million years) anticipate.
I’m glad for resources like this to help me along the road.

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  1. The great thing about your step parenting is that you keep trying. I haven't read the book but the quote you shared from it is priceless. May the God of wisdom and peace be with you as you continue this very worthy work in the lives of others. May you be blessed with a daughter like I have....step or otherwise your price is far above rubies.