Monday, April 9, 2012

Loving - Karen Kingsbury

Synopsis from B&N:  The answers Bailey Flanigan once longed and prayed for are finally becoming clear. In Loving, the fourth and final book in the Bailey Flanigan Series by New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury, Bailey is planning a wedding and making decisions that will shape her future.

I both loved and hated this book.  I started out wanting one thing but by the end of the book was glad it was something else entirely.

This was my favorite book of the series.  It seems to be where most of the growth takes place in the characters.  And, of course, it tied up all the loose ends (last books tend to do that, you know).

However, it was more than that.  The book made me wonder and long and hope.  And remember that God does have a good plan for my life.  And when I get off track, He is still faithful to guide me back…when I listen to Him.  When I am faithful to Him and His word.

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