Sunday, March 27, 2011

Leaving - Karen Kingsbury

As always, I enjoy reading what Karen Kingsbury has to put down on paper.

In this story, we are once again with the Flanigan family. Leaving is the first book in the Bailey Flanigan series. Doors are opening and shutting for Bailey in her life. Will she pursue the stage on Broadway, acting in LA, or remain to be a light in her hometown of Bloomington. And what about those boys in her life. Cody has disappeared again while heart-throb actor, Brandon, is wooing and pursuing. Bailey learns that her constants in life are her family and her faith and following of God.

Of course, we also get to see glimpses of the Baxter family - which I thoroughly enjoy.

I like the idea that she is writing a novel that parallels the season she is going through and that Bailey is patterned after her daughter. It inspires me to want to work toward having a family and raising my step-daughters to that level of grace and relationship with God. Because clearly it is not an unattainable goal.

I am looking forward to reading Bailey’s continued story in Learning coming out this summer.

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