Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Cause Within You - Matthew Barnett

Synopsis from You were created for something amazing—and it’s time to discover what it is! Matthew Barnett, son of a well-known megachurch pastor, discovered his own cause in life when he relinquished his dream of building a big, successful church like his father’s and began listening for God’s dream for his life instead. Sensing that God was calling him to serve the poor and powerless of Los Angeles, Matthew founded the Dream Center, a beacon of hope for homeless families, drug addicts, abused women and children, victims of human trafficking, teen runaways, gang members, and many others whose lives were filled with brokenness. If you are hungry for a life full of passion instead of apathy; if you are ready to use your specific gifts and abilities to make a mark on the world; if you need to be reminded that God loves you and has a plan for your life—The Cause within You is the book that can change everything.

I have taken teens on a mission trip to serve at the L.A. Dream Center, and I have heard Pastor Matthew speak. So I was very interested in reading his first book.

I enjoyed and found very informative the stories about how the Dream Center began and the lives it has touched. However, I don’t feel that I’m necessarily any closer to finding and living my cause out (I thought for years I knew what it was but now am not so sure). So from that perspective, it didn’t really deliver for me. Other than to say serve where and when you can. Which, you know, don’t all of our causes boil down to that.

And I appreciated this take on prayer from Pastor Matthew. He is talking about how he takes snatches of times and moments to pray instead of a set half hour or so a day.

          “For years, I thought such an approach was wrong – maybe even blasphemous. After all, you have  
           to be in a secluded, quiet place to pray, don’t you? Sadly, my relationship with God suffered because
           of all the rules and limitations that colored my view of prayer and my understanding of what a
           relationship with God is all about. Once I realized that God is portable, flexible, and that He is in the
           ordinary circumstances and everyday occurrences of my life, having a dynamic relationship with Him
           became much easier – and a whole lot more fun and practical.”

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