Monday, May 28, 2012

Can I Have and Do It All, Please? - Christine Caine

Synopsis from  More than ever before, women are navigating through increasing amounts of responsibility, activity, scheduling and multi-tasking...and we need some answers about how to have and do it all in life!

A book I’ve had on my shelf for over a year now…and should have read when I first got it.  And should probably read at regular intervals throughout life.

Christine Caine provides some answers about how to have and do it all.  And is the first person I recall running across who says this is not impossible.  It’s all about balance and focus, perspective and seasons.

Her book is filled with both humor and grace.  There are questions to encourage regular analysis of your life and why you do what you do and what you really feel is important.

Here is my only challenge:  Caine, like many others, says that as long as you are walking in what God has for you and His plan for your life, you will find fulfillment.  And this I totally agree with.  My struggle is more how to find out His plan.  It is expressed that you should look at what you’re good at and find your passion there.  That is where my challenge lies.  I am good at many things (reading, writing, teaching, cleaning, organizing, pushing paper, hostessing at restaurants, answering phones, reconciling reports…really, I have yet to work a job I’m unsuccessful at.  And I don’t say that in a cocky sense but a frustrated one.).  And, really, I’m not sure I’m super passionate about anything these days.  Sad, I know.

So I will use the tips in this book to continue to look at and pray about my life and my path.  Despite my confusion and frustration, I know my God is faithful beyond anything.  And I need to trust Him that if I’m not on the right path, as long as I keep my heart in the right place, He is big enough to help me reorient despite myself.


  1. Sounds interesting. I totally know the feeling.

  2. It's definitely target more towards women. However, I think guys could definitely find nuggets of wisdom and things to apply to their lives as well.