Sunday, February 28, 2010

250+ Activities and Ideas for Developing Literacy Skills -M. Ellen and Hilda L. Jay

A great resource for parents of young kids or anyone working with smaller children. This book contains over 250 activities to do with kids to help increase their literacy. The activities and ideas are quick and easy to integrate in everyday life. It’s about being more purposeful in the interactions you already have.

I picked up this book because as a part of my job I work with kids who need help with their reading and literacy skills. While most of the ideas and activities are children from the pre-literate stage through pre-school, I did find some ideas I can adapt for the older kiddos I work with. Also, I appreciated how the authors touched on all forms of literacy, not just reading. The book contains ideas for numerical literacy, cultural literacy, charts, graphs, money, and even computer literacy.

Definitely a book to check out.

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