Monday, February 8, 2010

Notes Left Behind - Brooke & Keith Desserich

Elena Desserich wanted to become a teacher. But at 6, a rare form of brain cancer threatens her very survival. This book is the story of her struggle as told through journal enteries written by her parents.

Based on the title and the synopsis I read, I really thought the book would be more about the literal notes that she left behind in their home. It wasn't, even though there were some copies of those notes scattered throughout the book. The synopsis also said that the book was written for Gracie, Elena's younger sister, so that she would be able to remember Elena. I don't really see it accomplishing that goal either as the book more deals with their parents thoughts surrounding Elena, her illness, and coping.

It wasn't realy well-written. But I'm sure that my journal enteries, compiled and published, wouldn't be either.

This book did make me think about how I would handle being in the same situation. Would I do things differently? The same? And how incredibly challenging a terminal diagnosis to one's child would be.

I give kuddos to the Desserichs for being so transparent, but I don't know that this book is a recommended read.

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