Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Not Wonder Woman but God Made Me Wonderful - Sheila Walsh

Another book not from my shelf but a book I felt I needed to read. I'm not sure I'm going to make it through my goal of reading through my bookshelves in 2010. Maybe summer will help me pick up the pace when I'm not working full time.

Sheila Walsh knows what it's like to pretend you have everything together. To run around in a cape saving the day, your kid, your friends, your employer, the word. But inside you are falling apart or just not as fulfilled as you believe Jesus died so you can be.

In this book, Sheila goes through the myths that we believe and helps us to identify and let go of thought patterns and ideas that keep us bound. She then goes a step farther by talking about the truths in the Word of God and how we need to capture vision from them.

A lot of the materials is concepts I've heard or read before. But I need to keep hearing/reading as clearly it isn't sinking in yet. Otherwise I wouldn't be so driven to live up to the expectations of others - or the expectations I believe others to have of me.

Quote to take away: No human being can destroy what God has purposed [referencing Joseph and the twists and turns his life took after God gave him a vision]. God's timing is perfect, His will is perfect.

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