Monday, June 28, 2010

Take Four - Karen Kingsbury

I read Karen’s latest book after seeing her at the Baxter Family Reunion in Bloomington. I do have to say, if possible, I like her even better now after hearing her speak and share. But I already liked her and her writing a lot. 

Take Four is the final book in the Above the Line series. Again, Karen does an great job developing and concluding multiple story lines that all tie together – at least slightly. Keith and Dayne are working on filming Unlocked. Andi is dealing with her unplanned pregnancy and the struggle to know whether to keep the baby or give him up for adoption. Bailey and Cody are drifting apart…again (I am really starting to not like Cody very much at all). The Baxters pop in and out. And faith is always there. Clearly it is God they all run to in the good times and the bad.

Well done.

And I do appreciate the fact that her next series will focus on Bailey Flannigan so we can keep up with the Baxters and Ellisons through her life’s intersections with them.

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