Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The First Days of School - Harry K. & Rosemary T. Wong

This is the book I always turn to when beginning a new teaching position. And since (WooHoo!) I was recently hired to teach 7th & 8th grade Language Arts – grammar and writing – at a local junior high, it was time to pull this book off of the shelve and peruse once again.

Side Note: It is also one of the very few “reading through my bookshelves in 2010” books that I’ve read recently. I’m not doing real great on that goal.

This book is chock-full of both pedagogy and practicality. I made pages and pages of things to do, procedures to put in place, and questions I need answers to. Now I just have to put all of that to good use so that I’m ready for the start of school in less than a month.

The Wongs also discuss the “why” behind what they recommend doing.

Great book for beginning teachers, teachers who are moving to a different position, or veteran teachers who just want to improve their effectiveness.

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