Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Time to Dance - Karen Kingsbury

Thinking back, I do believe this is the first Karen Kingsbury book I ever read. Not positive, but pretty sure. She has rereleased this book and its sequel, A Time to Embrace, with new covers (they look nice).

This novel tells the story of John and Abby Reynolds. She loved him since she was 10…it took him a bit longer. However, theirs is a story filled with love, romance, and God’s design. Everyone looks upon their relationship as an example of what marriage should be. But no one sees the truth. The slow drifting apart of hearts that has led to a point of crises and decision.

What I love about Karen’s books is that God really does use her stories to get your attention and speak into your life with cautions or reminders or encouragement. This one reminded me (again) to not get so caught up in the kids’ schedules and activities, work, the cooking and cleaning, etc. but to keep Jeff a priority even if that means all those other things have to fall to the wayside. Focus on him, my marriage, and continuing to build that relationship so that it will see us through the many tests life will throw our way.

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