Monday, August 2, 2010

The Opposite of Me - Sarah Pekkanen

This is potentially the best book I’ve read this summer…or in awhile. Not bad for Sarah Pekkanen’s new book.





Lindsey and her fraternal twin sister, Alex, have always had clearly defined roles in their family, friends, and life. Alex is the beautiful sister and has focused on being the center of attention, sculpting her life and career around her looks and appeal.

Meanwhile, Lindsey is the smart, successful sister. She has a skyrocketing career in advertising and lives for her work.

Then her whole world implodes over night. And she left not certain who she is and where to go. Returning home seems the only option. But that means returning to life in Alex’s shadow. However, Alex is about to endure life changes of her own.

The sisters learn together how to cope and to begin to discover who they truly are.

LOVED this book. It was hard to put down. The characters were engaging. The story line wasn’t completely predictable – it was at a comforting level. And, having a sister of my own (who has always been both the “pretty” and the “smart” one), I could relate. Although I’m glad my sister and I each found our own identities apart from what others said about each of us sooner than Lindsey and Alex did.

I recommend reading this one for sure.


  1. Thank you so much for this lovely review! I'm thrilled you liked my book.

  2. OK, if you supposedly have a sister that is both prettier & smarter than you I sure can't imagine it. You sure she's not mythical?

  3. First of all, did you see I got another author comment. WaHoo!

    Second of all, Mickey - she is currently working on her doctorate (so that should take care of the smarter part since I'm not even sure I spelled that right) and always had the boyfriends (that should settle the prettier because I certainly had the better personality and that's not what you gusy look for - btw...just kidding, Lauri, if you ever read this or mom tells you :) ).