Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Then Comes Marriage - Angela Hunt & Bill Myers

Bill Meyers and Angela Hunt team up on this novella exploring the true first years of marriage as two individuals are trying to mesh their lives together to produce something beautiful.

The Stones are celebrating their first anniversary. But it’s not much of a celebration as they have had a huge fight and gone their separate ways for the day. The story moves between highlights (and low points) of the past year and current day as they each try to decide where to go from here.

I enjoyed this book if simply to have affirmation that the rocky first years of marriage isn’t just me or my fault or my marriage. It’s normal and common as two individuals strive to become one. And that of course mine is exacerbated by two step-kids, and ex-wife, etc. As I read about Heather and Kurt Stone, I totally got where they were coming from (Heather more than Kurt, of course) as far as the struggles and changes and compromises they had made in that first year just to get through it and then to wonder occasionally if it was all worth it and will it ever get better. Their love for each other was there all along. But sometimes things can be bigger than that love. That’s when you need to remember the commitment…and walk it out.

Take-away Quote: When Heather’s dad is giving her advice in under the veil of what a car needs and she sums it up by saying: “And if a person makes a promise, he or she should work at keeping that promise every single day.”


  1. Oh believe me, every single couple I know has had MAJOR issues in the 2-6 year range of marriage. You most certainly are not alone & I'd say that YES, you do have it a bit harder than most. So don't freak out too much (even though that seems to be part of it anyhow). Only way we've made it is because we keep saying to each other that no matter how stupid the other is, we're gonna love each other.

  2. WHAT?!?! You're saying I've got 4 more years of this. :)
    Some days it's hard to love/like stupid, but I get what you're saying. It all boils down to walking out the commitment.