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Raising Burning Hearts - Patricia Bootsma

RAISING BURNING HEARTS:  Parenting & Mentoring Next Generation Lovers of God

March 23, 2015

  Forerunner Publishing
Release Date:
  January 1, 2015
Non-Fiction, Parenting
160 pages
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 About This Book (from Amazon)

Can the next generation become passionate followers of God, equipped and ready to fulfill their destinies? Christian parents and mentors are entrusted with the call to nurture and train hearts, releasing children to excel in loving and seeking God. In Raising Burning Hearts, Patricia Bootsma draws on her experience of raising six children and mentoring many others, and shares the profound and hopeful news that this calling is not beyond our reach. Combining practicality and spiritual understanding, Patricia covers important strategies that are often overlooked, like the power of blessing our children, of prophetically declaring truth over them, and of teaching young ones how to hear God s voice, seek Him in the Word, and be constant in prayer. Sharing tangible applications and real-life testimonies, Patricia assures us that parents and mentors can fulfill their heavenly mandate to raise up and release next generation lovers of God into their epic purpose.

The MoM group that I’m apart of has been discussing this book this past month.  It is challenging in some areas and has definitely presented some paradigm shifts for me in others.  Probably my favorite chapter was “The Power of the Blessing.”  I found this chapter to be infinitely practical and something I could implement right away. 

Despite all my psych courses for my education degree, and all of the many opinions on life stages, I had never come across the exact stages Bootsma presents and the Major Life Question that goes with each one.  It makes sense though.  Just as it makes sense to speak blessings over your children, their lives, their friendships, etc.  Words can bring life or death.  Harness that power. 
I will say the testimonies at the end of each chapter were my least favorite parts.  Usually I like things like that.  These seemed a bit stilted and even redundant.

Regardless, a worthwhile read for parents who are always looking for more ways to point their children to Jesus. 

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