Sunday, January 31, 2010

Love Him, Love His Kids - Stan Wenck & Connie J. Hansen

Okay, completely not a fan of this book. Now, I have to be honest and say I didn’t really read it. I more just scanned it. Even the title kind of turned me off. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean that you are automatically going to love the people attached to them. Yes, you need to act lovingly towards them. But you won’t necessarily love them right off the bat.

But that’s not my main beef with this book. It is completely kid-centric. Do whatever you can and need to in order to make the kids’ lives easier. They have been through a lot (granted – they have. I was a kid of divorce too) and need understanding and coddling. I just can’t buy into that. They do need understanding. But they also need guidance and rules and stability. After all, doesn’t the Bible teach that if you love your children you will discipline them? How is this different for your step-kids

This book is a bit too far off center for me. I believe that the focus needs to be on your marriage…that’s why you’re there in the first place. And then the kids come after that. Also, in all of that, you need to be careful to not lose yourself.


  1. One thing that is very attractive to most men is the "mothering" quality of women. We love to see our wives be nuturing and loving towards our kids and it stirs in us a strong desire towards our wives. So to "Love Him" you must "Love His Kids" rings true to the heart of many men. There is nothing better than seeing my wife read a book to my kids as they snuggle up next to her...or to watch her teach them how to cook...and to see her smiling and enjoying those moments with each of them because she loves them as her own.

    Focusing on your marriage is good, but if takes away from the focus of your relationship with his kids then the marriage will suffer. By loving his kids you are loving husband and your marriage and your relationship with him will reap those rewards.

  2. Well darn, I had a very eloquent response laid out that just decided to error out into cyberspace. So, I'm gonna summarize it in saying that I completely disagree with the previous poster & totally agree with you.