Friday, January 1, 2010

What is this all about?

Well, you see. I have a problem. An addiction, really. To books.

I like to buy books. I like to borrow books. I even like to smell books (Unless I'm borrowing them from a smoker; then they stink a bit.).

So as a part of my New Year's resolution I have tasked myself with this blog...and books.

I have books on my shelves that I bought last year...the year before...5+ years ago...and have never read. I also have books on my shelves that I would love to re-read. And, truthfully, I'm running out of shelf space.

So for 2010, I will be reading through my bookshelves - encountering new books, revisiting old favorites, and deciding what will stay and what will go. And I will be blogging about it.

Now, since I have a family and a job and another job and a little bit of a life, I will not be reading a book a day (I only read 109 books in all of 2009). I haven't decided what to do with that conundrum yet. Perhaps I will post about the part of the books I'm reading. Perhaps I will post only upon completing a book. Perhaps I will post random life stuff. That remains to be seen.

Also, as a caveat, I still have a basket full of books from the library that I need to read. So I will be reading and posting on those first...before I get to the books I actually own.

I'm going to be starting the new year off reading Karen Kingsbury's latest, Shades of Blue. I've been looking forward to this one for months.

Happy reading!

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