Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shades of Blue - Karen Kingsbury

Okay, Karen Kingsbury is probably one of my favorite Christian authors. I mean, you have to love an author who gets you all teary-eyed just with her dedication page.

Shades of Blue is her latest book and is a stand-alone title. It came out this summer. But since I requested it from the library, I just got it and read it (in about 2 days – her books are good like that).

In this book, Brad Cutler is getting ready to open a new chapter in his life. But in order to do so, he needs to write some final lines to a chapter from years ago. He needs to find forgiveness and peace so that he can move forward. He needs to seek out his old girlfriend, Emma, and make amends.

I really liked this book. Okay, I really like all of her books. But she tackles the topic of abortion in a straight-forward, yet compassionate way in this book. You truly feel for both Brad and Emma. For their loss, their love, their regret, and God’s ultimate forgiveness and mercy.

The only thing qualm I have with the book is how Brad treats Emma when he goes back and finds her. He is a bit too touchy-feely with an old girlfriend than I would have expected (or appreciated had I been the old girlfriend or the new one). Of course, I guess if you share the kinds of experiences they did, you are bound for life, in a sense.

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